Cotnactless Hotels

Contactless Hotels will offer more tech, less touch

As the business world adjusts to the new consumer demands of less touching & more social distancing, the hotel industry has to revamp how they provide their services. Contactless is the direction they will move.

From contactless cleaning to contactless room service, hotels need to revamp their service model.

More hotels will offer contactless checkins whereby a customer does not have to speak to anyone once they arrive at the hotel. Thru th ehotel ap pthey will be able to be assigned a room and get access to their room via a contactless QRcode.

Using an app that offers “contactless checkin” at hotels will become the norm.

Hotels will need to follow Contactless Dining principles — Big breakfast buffets with shared communal areas

will likely be replaced with contactlesss room service and prepared meals in restaurant areas served at tables placed at least 6 feet apart.

The cleaning of rooms and common areas will be enhanced with clear signage informing customers how they are keeping the hotel property clean.

Hotels big and small need to adapt to this new contactless world or lose to their competitors who will provide the contactless experience customers now expect.

Contactless Real Estate

Contactless Moves reduce the risk when changing homes or office.

Consumer demand for contactless products and services is surging and smart companies are moving quickly to meet that demand with innovative ways to address the all-new contactless economy.

Today the Moved app announced “Contactless Moves” with the aim of providing contactless moving services to enable you to move your home or office belongings in a remote way.

“ works with property managers, storage operators, and moving companies to facilitate Contactless Moves. Get your move done seamlessly while staying safe and healthy.”

Read more about contactless moving on the Moved website here:

Contactless Services

ServiceTitan offers Certified Contactless Technicians

ServiceTitan, the world’s leading all-in-one software for commercial and residential HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other field service businesses recently announced their “Certified Contactless Technician” procedures for essential repairs for your home or business.

Procedures for Service technicians include text messaging communication, 6ft social distancing at all times, sanitizing of trucks, tools and ipads before every service call and contactless estimates and payments.

ServiceTitan provides a good example of the types of contactless processes and marketing campaigns compaines will have to steer towards as they cater to consumer demands amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Contactless Dining

Contactless Dining – coming soon to your favorite restaurants

Contactless Dining is the new way people will be able to enjoy their favorite restaurants because of the risks of COVID-19.

Contactless dining combines a variety of technologies to reduce the amount of physical interaction with other people and hightouch items at restaurants.

The restaurant industry has been severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Many restaurants big and small were forced to either close down completely or close their dining rooms and offer takeout and food delivery only.

Contactless Dining will be the new way that customers interact with their favorite restaurants once dining rooms start to reopen.

How Contactless Dining works – Patrons can interact with restaurants using qrcodes, food apps, contactless menua and contactless payment services to reduce the amount of physical contact with other people and high traffic items.

How does Contactless dining work? There will be a variety of options depending on each restaurant. The idea is to reduce contact with people and high-touch items to reduce the spread of the virus.

Contactless dining options will include using an app to book a table, scanning a QR code to view the restaurant’s contactless menu on your phone, placing your food order and paying your bill using a contactless payment service.

Contactless Cars

CarMax Launches Contactless Curbside Pickup

Welcome back to the Contactless Blog. The concept of contactless products and services is picking up steam. The automobile industry around the world is leading the way by transforming it’s product and service offerings and offering contactless cars.

Carmax, the USA’s largest retailer of used automobiles, announced a new service called “CarMax Curbside” which offers their customers a contactless car buying and selling experience while adhering to social distancing practices.

CarMax Curbside - Contactless car buying
Contactless car buying now available with CarMax Curbside service

Customers do not have to enter a CarMax physical store or make contact with a CarMax associate during the contactless process. Customers save time by completing most of the process online in advance – including selecting a vehicle, getting pre-approved for financing, and getting a trade-in offer on an existing vehicle, if applicable.

7 Day “No Questions Asked” Refund available
Customers have the option to take a solo test drive of the vehicle prior to purchase. As always, customers can return the car for any reason within 7 (seven) days of purchase for a full refund.

How contactless car buying works – Carmax Curbside

The majority of CarMax’s service departments are open and serving customers who need warranty work, maintenance or repairs. CarMax is following government mandates and keeping locations open where permitted to support customers’ essential needs for reliable vehicles.

“We’ve heard from customers that during this time, they need access to reliable vehicles to pick up groceries, visit the doctor, or commute to work,” said Bill Nash, president and CEO of CarMax. “We’re focused on providing a safe car buying experience and helping our customers any way we can. Whether it’s through home delivery or curbside pickup for customers who need to purchase a vehicle, or through service maintenance for customers to keep their cars on the road, we’re here to help.”

CarMax curbside:

official press release :

Contactless Economy

Welcome to the Contactless blog

The world has changed because of Covid-19.

The term “Contactless” is entering into everyone’s vocabulary worldwide.

“Contactless” is the term often used when referring to reduced contact between people when delivering products and services or performing actions — such as contactless payments by consumers using scan/tap enabled cards.